Úlfur Eldjárn: In the studio with Liquid from Inorganic Audio

Úlfur Eldjárn is an Icelandic film composer and multi-instrumentalist. In this video we get to see Úlfur's approach in the studio, where he using acoustic instruments fed through Liquid to create electronic sounding soundscapes with an organic touch. His methods of live-looping and mapping parameters to MIDI controllers embeds his compositional process in the flow of playing.

Úlfur has been prominent in the Icelandic music scene for the past decades. He founded the band Apparat Organ Quartet with composer Jóhann Jóhannsson, with whom he also collaborated extensively in the following years. Recently Úlfur's focus has shifted towards releasing his own music as a solo artist as well as scoring for TV, film and theatres.

Úlfur's webpage: https://ulfureldjarn.com


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Liquid walkthrough video