Introduction to Liquid

  • Úlfur Eldjárn

    "I love using acoustic instruments to create electronic sound, and Liquid is just perfect for that, because it immediately creates something new out of my acoustic source". We visited Úlfur at his home studio where he demonstrated his live looping setup and more.

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  • Herdís Stefánsdóttir

    "Liquid is immediately a really satisfying and inspiring plugin". See Herdís in action in her beautiful downtown Reykjavík studio.

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  • Pétur Jónsson

    "I use Liquid very early on in the process, because it gives me ideas. Your own sounds through granular processing has always been the holy grail."

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  • Liquid: A unique granulator plugin

    Liquid is a live granulating effect. It takes incoming audio and chops it up to small, seamless granules, each and every one playing individually on a loop. These granules are then modulated by equations simulating a liquid, creating liquid-like movements, introducing random pitch modulations and a wide stereo image.

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  • How it works

    Control the amount of movement in the liquid simulation and the intensity it has on the playback rate (pitch) of the grains. Watch how changing the parameters effects the visualisation running in the background. Actual data from the simulation is used for modulating the parameters. Stereo controls how much pan is added to each grain individually. The grains' positions on the screen are directly mapped to their pan.

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  • Easily create unique soundscapes

    Perfect for working on soundtracks where precise sound design is an integral part of the score. Re-sample the output of the plugin to instantly create lush pads with your favourite soft sampler. 

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