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Liquid - Granulator Plugin

Liquid - Granulator Plugin

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  • VST3
  • Audio Unit
  • AAX

Easily create huge sonic soundscapes. Turn your own sounds in to huge, emotive atmospheres. Built with Inorganic Audio's custom realtime granulation engine, with organic fluid-dynamic based modulations. Simple and sleek user interface. Works on Mac and Windows.

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Realtime granulator

Liquid is a live granulating effect. It takes incoming audio and chops it up to small, seamless granules, each and every one playing individually on a loop. These granules are then modulated by equations simulating a liquid, creating liquid-like movements, introducing random pitch modulations and a wide stereo image.

Dynamic musical textures

The plugin is capable of creating everything from super warm and dynamic textures to eerie clusters of audio. Any audio fed through the input is granulated on the fly so it can easily add new sonic dimensions in your live performances.

Runs on actual liquids

Behind the scenes is a fluid dynamics simulation. Control the amount of movement in the simulation and the intensity it has on the playback rate (pitch) of the grains. Watch how changing the parameters affects the visualisation running in the background. Actual data from the simulation is used for modulating the parameters. Natural pseudo-randomness at its finest.

Creative and inspiring

Perfect for working on soundtracks where precise sound design is an integral part of the score. The granular nature of the plugin preserves the original audio source's timbre qualities while magnifying its intensity and presence. Re-sample the output of the plugin to instantly create lush pads with your favourite soft sampler. 

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Technical specifications

Requires macOS 10.12 or later, Intel and Apple Silicon processors supported. Windows 10 or later, running an AU, AAX or VST compatible 64-bit host.

Where is my activation key?

When you buy Liquid, you will receive and activation key in an email and another email with your installer download. Occasionally these emails gets filtered as junk. If you can not find your activation key or installer please contact us at and we'll take it from there.

Do you offer trials?

Unfortunately we do not offer trials at the moment, but we might be adding that soon!

What does Liquid do?

Liquid is a live granulator. That is, it continuously samples an audio source and "granulates" it, playing back tiny randomized fragments of the original audio on loops.

Usually a granulator requires a loading of a static audio file, using that as the input and a MIDI source to play various regions within it. Liquid works more like an audio effect, like a delay or reverb might. Put it on a channel (or channels) in your favorite DAW and start sending audio through it, whether it is a live source, MIDI instrument or a prerecorded clip.

We built a custom granulator engine that sounds unlike everything we've ever heard before. It runs on the host's sample rate, so there are no "bit reduction" artefacts from internal downsampling.

What do the parameters in Liquid do?

Liquid has 12 parameters which can all be automated and mapped from the host.

Controls the amount of movement in the fluid dynamics simulation, that is running the pitch / pan modulation of each grain. Affects the "viscosity" of the liquid, more movement = less viscose.

Each grain has it's own speed. Turbulence controls the amount the grain's speed has on its pitch. Higher turbulence also adds a slight wobble to make the resulting sound more turbulent.

Global playback speed of all grains, stepped in semitones. Hold down shift and move the knob for fine-tuning.

Freezes all envelopes on all grains and stops sampling new grains.

How many grains can be alive at any given moment. Density controls the spawn rate of the granulator, how eagerly new grains are sampled.

Grain size
Controls approximately how long new grains are, plus an additional random factor. Does not affect already playing grains, as they are copied whenever they are born. Smaller grain size means a shorter loop.

How long a sampled and looping grain is played before it fades out and stops. A single grain can loop multiple times within that duration window.

How long it takes an individual grain to fade in and out when played. Adds to the grain's lifetime. Total lifetime = Duration + Fade.

Low cut
Controls the cutoff frequency on a low cut filter applied on the output.

Hi cut
Controls the cutoff frequency on a hi cut filter applied on the output.

Global amount of stereo. Each grain's position on the screen is directly mapped to its pan in the stereo field.

Dry / Wet balance of the effect.

How many computers per licence?

Liquid is sold as a single-user licenced software. Each licence can be set up on up to three machines.

Walkthrough video

Liquid sound examples